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TITLE: Evgeny Nikitin - The Rocking Baritone
Director: Bertrand Normand

Genre: Music Documentary

Format: HD



Company: Les Films du Jour Prochain

Runtime: 52' or 84' minutes.

ID: 442.




Known for his charisma and intensive performances Nikitin´s career was brutally interrupted when the Bayreuth Festival replaced him as Flying Dutchman after some of his old tattoos looking like Nazi symbols were disclosed on a video. The singer went through a deep crisis and was even considering giving up singing. Due to all the opera houses, who had contracted him for performances, none of which were cancelled, he regained confidence and resumed working with great determination, exploring also new repertoire. Bertrand Norman's film follows Nikitin during rehearsals and performances all over Europe and the United States, with repertoire ranging from Wagner to Dallapiccola and, of course, the Mariinsky Theatre where he not only performs his signature role, Tsar Boris, but also his first Scarpia. We also watch him rehearse, record and perform with his heavy metal band. He is a brilliant drummer, just the other side of his overwhelming personality.