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TITLE: Who has stolen the Bolero by Maurice Ravel
Director: Fabien Caux-Lahalle

Genre: Documentary

Format: HD

Composer: Maurice Ravel


Company: 18eme District

Runtime: 52' minutes.

ID: 369.




One of the world´s most popular classical pieces of music, Ravel´s Boléro, finally came out of copyright on May 1st, 2016. Having been played somewhere in the world every 15 minutes, Ravel´s music meant big business. But where did all the money go? Filmmaker Fabien Caux-Lahalle pieces together evidence from the creation of the piece, through the Vichy Régime, the post-war lobbying to obtain extensions of the copyright, Ravel´s and his brother´s last wills, apparent tax avoidance schemes and so forth. A fascinating account of what happened to one of the most loved pieces of music right under the eye of the public.