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TITLE: Hearing is Believing
Director: Lorenzo DeStefano

Genre: Music documentary

Format: HD


Contributors: Rachel Flowers


Runtime: 104' or 58' minutes.

ID: 366.




When Lorenzo DeStefano saw Rachel Flowers perform at a local jazz club, he knew he had found another interesting subject for a documentary. She is a multi-talented instrumentalist and composer born in 1993, fifteen weeks prematurely, losing her eyesight as an infant due to Retinopathy of Prematurity. Rachel has perfect pitch, plays piano, organ, flute, sings and has mastered the Braille Music Code. She is best known for her YouTube videos featuring her interpretations of music by Emerson, Lake & Palmer. LorenzoDeStefano followed her for two years filming at various venues, from Las Vegas to a school, where she demonstrated her gift by playing Bach, and composing and playing her own music with a symphony orchestra. In July she took part in the Tribute to Keith Emerson in Birmingham.
This documentary might work well together with Braille Music made by Michael House.


For more information see http://www.hearingisbelievingfilm.com